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Fitness By Brittany
About Fitness by Brittany

About Fitness by Brittany

Twin mom inspiring women to live their best lives; empowering women to take action, walk in faith, fulfill purpose, and step into greatness!

FYI that was what I (her husband) was told to copy and paste off her Facebook page. I think I can do better.

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Why are you here?

Do you want to be a better you? Do you want to feel better and feel that your life has a purpose? Or do you simply want to get in better shape and feel good in your skin?

As a life coach, I can help you achieve both your mental and physical goals to help you become a better you. Together we can break those barriers that may be holding you back and causing you to struggle.

My story

I’m a twin mom and a pharmacist. I’ve been through the struggles every working parent faces; inadequacy, regret, loneliness. Keep on naming. As I became more involved with work, my health and home life became worse as I neglected to take care of myself both mentally and physically. When I couldn’t take it any more, I had to make a change.

While pharmacy is a way to help people, I found it wasn’t my passion. For me to truly help people, I had to help myself. I left pharmacy as a full time commitment a few years ago to become a Beachbody coach and started down my road to improving both my physical and mental health.

The journey

Beachbody was a jumping off point. I met new friends and did something I would never have considered before: a bikini competition. By feeling good in my own skin, I became empowered to want to do more and be more. Through Beachbody I also met my mentor, Chris Downing, and have really identified what I truly am. Your value is not determined by anyone else but yourself, and you can find yourself and empower yourself to be greater.

Life involves pain and struggle, but through faith and perseverance you can overcome that pain and struggle and overcome your own limitations. Learn to live in the now and not be chained by your past.

The tools to success

Taking care of you involves taking care of both your mind and your body. Faith and friendship through the support of positive people will take care of your mind, and help you to find your purpose and fulfill your goals. By getting your mind in the right place, you will develop the discipline to take care of your body through balanced nutrition and exercise.

Interested in becoming your best you? Contact me to learn more, or subscribe to my contact list for updates on nutrition, fitness, and life goals.